Penny wars

Ball State sororities and fraternities are competing in a penny war in efforts to raise money during Greek Week. The penny war relates to Greek Week’s ’90s theme as many students may remember the fundraiser from grade school.

“We thought [penny wars] would be a simple, fun way to raise money for our philanthropy,” said Cassy Swanson, director of Greek Week and member of Sigma Kappa. “Since we want to raise as much money as we can, we wanted to think creatively of a way to do that, especially with relating it to our ’90s theme of Greek Week. So, I think the penny wars is a great way to incorporate both aspects.”

Fraternities and sororities decorated change jars, which are now displayed on a table outside the Office of Student Life. Members of the organizations can add pennies to their jars as often as they want as well as add silver coins to other organizations to “stump” their amount in hopes of upping their own.

At the end of the war Friday, two winners will be picked. The first winner will be the organization with the most positive points. This allows an organization that collected a lot of change but got stumped a lot the ability to still win. The second winner will be whichever group raised the most money overall.

The money will go to the philanthropy chosen for Greek Week: Muncie’s Back to School Teachers Store.

“It’s absolutely great when sororities donate to the Back to School Teachers Store,” Amy Mansfield, executive director of the store, said. “It’s great for the awareness of the store. It means a college campus is getting information about what we’re able to provide for our community. And of course, we always enjoy any donations we get.” ?

Andrew Kelly

Slime for school supplies

Students gathered at the scramble light Wednesday afternoon to raise money for the Back to School Teachers Store.

The slime event, one of several Greek Week fundraising events, gave students the chance to slime their peers for $2.

“We thought it would be a really fun way to incorporate the theme of Greek Week since it’s a throwback theme with the slime from Nickelodeon,” Jordan Tojo, a junior public communications major, said.

Students who participated were covered in a cold, green mixture of flour, jello, baby shampoo and water, making for a chilly experience.

“It’s cold,” Tojo said, laughing. “Just a little bit cold.”

Cassy Swanson, a senior public relations major and Greek Week director, said she was happy with the turnout.

“A lot of people in the greek community are totally willing to help out, especially when it’s for such a good cause,” she said.


Greek Games6 p.m., Bethel Field
Blood Drive11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pruis Hall


Penny Wars ends5 p.m., Office of Student Life


LateNite9 p.m. to 1 a.m., Student Center


Grand Chapter7 p.m., John R. Emens Auditorium