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Amber Pietz, DN Photo Illustration

The journey of two Ball State Volleyball players from Loveland, Ohio, to Muncie

Two pounds of ground beef. One can of tomato paste. Four cups of water. One large onion. Three tablespoons of chili powder. One teaspoon of cinnamon. A half an ounce of unsweetened chocolate. Cincinnati-style chili. Huber and fourth-year middle blocker Marie Plitt are both from Loveland, Ohio, about two and a half hours away from their beloved Cincinnati chili. Huber and Plitt are a pair playing for Ball State Women’s Volleyball. 

Amber Pietz, Jacy Bradley, DN Photo; Amber Pietz, DN Photo Illustration

A hometown powerhouse

Delaware County, Indiana. A population of 114,461 people. Lesser known to a majority of the United States population. A powerhouse in AAU volleyball. Munciana Volleyball Club has experienced success on the travel volleyball club circuit with 38 national championships, 22 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Championships, 15 USA Volleyball Championships and one Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) Championship.

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