Baylie Clevenger

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Is there hope for a hostless Oscars?

02/24/2019 7:23pm

For a while, awards shows have been struggling with viewership. Since this is the case, they seem to be getting more and more desperate to find something that is both humorous and attention-grabbing. Without a host, there is no telling what they might come up with.

Women are in coding… but where is their representation?

02/12/2019 2:23pm

Preconceived notions about which career fields women do and do not belong in make it easy to maintain a technology industry with little representation for women. Allowing more brilliant minds to flourish in technology would advance the technological sphere even further.

Should cancel culture be cancelled?

01/18/2019 10:01am

Kevin Hart is the latest example of a high-profile celebrity being 'cancelled' for problematic posts on social media. What should we make of this cultural movement?