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Frog Baby Film Festival: A Q&A with chair head Jordan Shoemaker

04/05/2019 4:12pm

Here at Ball State, there are many events available for students to enjoy and participate in. This week, students can enjoy one of the most beloved annual events that occurs here on campus: The Frog Baby Film Festival which will be held tonight at 8 o'clock in Pruis Hall. 

Using social media for mental health resources

04/05/2019 3:27pm

Maybe social media is not the ultimate enemy. Maybe it’s not the one true downfall of meaningful relationships. Maybe the real enemy of mental and social well-being is the excessive use and constant comparison.

Is music just as good as it used to be?

03/19/2019 7:58pm

A lot of the plight also seems to be how much music that is popular now is that it is electronically generated and typically the lyrics are simple and relatively meaningless. The prevalence of rap and hip hop have also been controversial as the catchy beats and easy-to-sing lyrics seem to be loved but also hated at the same time.

Is there hope for a hostless Oscars?

02/24/2019 7:23pm

For a while, awards shows have been struggling with viewership. Since this is the case, they seem to be getting more and more desperate to find something that is both humorous and attention-grabbing. Without a host, there is no telling what they might come up with.

Women are in coding… but where is their representation?

02/12/2019 2:23pm

Preconceived notions about which career fields women do and do not belong in make it easy to maintain a technology industry with little representation for women. Allowing more brilliant minds to flourish in technology would advance the technological sphere even further.