Why shop at Art Mart?

To an artist, Art Mart is like a candy store. Buying new paints or canvases at Art Mart brings the same joy and excitement as getting a new box of crayons in first grade. When is craft time?


Lani Kai Island Resort is “Spring Break Central” of the Southeast U.S.

Get ready for the Top Spring Break Party of 2019 at the Lani Kai Island Resort! This Fort Myers Beach, Fla., hot spot has been titled “Spring Break Central” for the last 41 years, and 2019 is already looking like it’s gonna be the biggest Spring Break season yet. Witness thousands of Spring-Breakers from universities and colleges around the country converging on the hottest stretch of Fort Myers Beach to compete in beach games for free drinks, watch the Cincinnati Firemen’s Variety Show, world-famous Hot Body and Booty Shake contests for cash, party all night at Club Ohana with FREE access to all Spring Breakers, and dozens of other events, adventures and special guest celebrity appearances!


Find your home at the Haven!

It's that time of year again where students are on a time-crunch  looking for others to sublease their apartments, and apartment complexes  are looking for students to fill the vacancies. But… where do you  start? What apartment complex should you check out first? That’s an easy answer— start (and end) your search with The Haven!


Coffe, Conversation, and The Cup

Something as simple as a cup of coffee and a conversation can go a long way to grow a community and create new connections. We feel that no one should have to walk into an establishment and feel that they do not belong. Going into the seventh year of business, The Cup keeps that idea in mind as an ever-changing customer base discovers what the village has to offer Muncie residents and Ball State students alike. 


The Making of Art Mart

As a young art student at Ball State, the only source for art supplies was the Ball State Book Store. Back in the 1970's when I was purchasing, I remember having to ask at a window for a special paper, tube of paint or paint brush, then waiting while the person I had asked went to retrieve the products. It was kind of like shopping on the Internet for art supplies: as a customer I didn't get to handle the products or see the color before purchasing, only after. At some point during my college career, Dave's Art Supply opened in the village. It was a great place with a great atmosphere and all the cool kids hung out there! I never wanted to leave.



My name is Joe Smelser and I am a landlord in Muncie. I have been in the rental business for over 29 years. I bought my first property with my mom in 1988. She and I spent countless hours cleaning, painting and repairing my first house.  I have always been good with my hands and was able to do a lot of the work myself.  I started to consider the possibility of becoming a landlord. The prospect of becoming a landlord was somewhat scary.  Who would I rent to? Could I make a living doing this?


Get to know Byte

  Byte is a student-run, multimedia coalition operating out of Ball State’s Unified Media. As an online multimedia publication, Byte covers entertainment, tech, and popular culture. Byte produces Checkpoint, a weekly news series and various podcasts. Students also have the opportunity to write reviews, news, and features that are published on Byte’s website. 

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