Equality for All

Yvonne Thompson, executive director for the Muncie Human Rights Commission, talks about her role to promote equal opportunity and equal rights for all.

The Property Advocates Talks About How to Balance Law School and Personal Life

Many who can adjust to the coursework find balancing law school with their personal life challenging. Yet, as important as focusing on law school, it's equally important for students to find a healthy balance that allows them to relax, maintain a healthy mindset, and enjoy life. Below are some tips on how to balance law school and personal life.

A Comprehensive Guide to Spring Break on a Budget for College Students

Spring Break is a magical time when the woes of exams and lectures fade away, and the allure of sun-soaked destinations beckons college students far and wide. Sadly, for some, turning those Spring Break dreams into reality can often feel like a financially impossible challenge. Still, everyone deserves a little fun in the sun!

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