smart house, home automation, device with app icons. Man uses his smartphone with smarthome security app to unlock the door of his house.

Perks of Having a Smart Lock

Let’s face it: smart locks can be unwieldy, and add hardware to your door that can make your entryway look unflattering. But they don’t have to be! You can make your existing beloved door hardware compatible with a keyless entry system with some research to find smart locks that fit your need and aesthetics. 

3 Signs You Need to Get a Pumping Bra

Pumping bras are excellent products that help you pump more effectively and productively. Although a pumping bra is a type of nursing bra, unlike nursing bras, which are singularly for nursing, a pumping bra also affords you the option to pump hands-free, meaning you can multitask while you are pumping. With a pumping bra, you not only have more comfort, but you can also pump hands-free and multitask throughout the entire process.

Vehicles form two lines for the Burris Laboratory School drive-by graduation May 22, 2020, on Campus Drive at Ball State. According to Dawn Miller, principal, more than 200 cars appeared to congratulate seniors. The line stretched from behind the Frank A. Bracken Administration building to the nearby parking garage. Bailey Cline, DN

2022-23 Parking Permit Sales

Starting 10 a.m., Monday, June 27, parking permits for general faculty/staff, R2, R6, and R8 lots will be available to all employees. Starting 10 a.m., Monday, July 11, any remaining R5, R7 and R11 permits will be available to all employees.

Ball State University President Geoffrey S. Mearns (center) and Dr. Joe Rinard (second to the left), among others, pose for the official ribbon cutting ceremony and introduction of the Dr. Joe and Alice Rinard Orchid Greenhouse and the Environmental Education Center in Muncie, Indiana, June 17, 2022. Rinard was additionally awarded the President's Medal of Distinction. (Kyle Smedley/DN)

Dr. Joe and Alice Rinard Orchid Greenhouse officially expanded, Dr. Joe Rinard awarded Ball State University President's Medal of Distinction

June 17, Geoffrey S. Mearns, Ball State University President, along with Maureen McCarthy, Dean of College of Science and Humanities, conducted the official Dr. Joe and Alice Rinard Orchid Greenhouse expansion ribbon cutting ceremony. Additionally, President Mearns awarded Dr. Joe Rinard the President's Medal of Distinction.

David Letterman Communication and Media Building. Jenna Gorsage, DN

North Campus steam shutdown June 17-June 25

As announced June 13 by the Ball State University (BSU) Communications Center and BSU Facilities Planning and Management, beginning 7:00 a.m. Friday, June 17, the steam supply to a number of buildings in North Campus will be shut off. This shut down will ensure domestic hot water for, but not limited to, restrooms, sinks, showers, kitchenettes, etc. are not available. 


Are Prenatal Vitamins Worth It?

If you are about to begin your pregnancy journey, you want to make sure that you are prepared. One of the best things you can do to help keep you and your little one healthy during this new stage of life is to take a prenatal vitamin.

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