Computer Science Showcase

“When I go to evaluate this project, it is kind of like Christmas. Unless the students had a problem and came to me ahead of time, I don’t know what pictures they have chosen. I know what the requirements of the project are, but they are broad and it depends on the picture they use,” Largent said. 


Men’s golf flies high

 “I’ve kind of been on the struggle bus a little bit and its been a matter of putting everything together whether one week struggling off a tee, one week struggling putting. It was nice to finally have a good week,” Smith said. 


Ball State Badminton Club founded

“I really enjoy being here because I get to meet new people who love the sport, since nobody’s in my major here, a break from school and a break from daily life,” explains member Emily Howell. 


Severe threat tomorrow

Weather Forecaster Rachel Sherfey tracks the incoming severe weather threat and breaks down the primary hazards and timing of it all.


Searching for a new home

 “We have fifty members apart of our club and we have a lot of fun,” Walsh said. “They are working hard to make a difference in our youth, and they are enjoying it. He is an extraordinary male dog that loves to play, run, and be loved on.” 


Severe weather mid-week

Assistant Chief Oliver Moster is expecting more storms for Central Indiana as well as a cool down for the coming week.

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