Gas prices on the rise

Gas prices have hit a two-year high after political turmoil has hit the Middle East.


Democrats delay Ind. House amid union protests

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Democratic legislators are staying away from the Indiana House chamber, blocking the Republican majority from conducting business while hundreds of union members crowd the adjourning hallways in protest of a contentious labor bill.


Tunisian and Yemen natives discuss revolution

Two international students sat down with other Ball State students and community members to discuss an issue they believe Americans are not paying attention to— the Middle Eastern revolution.


Wisconsin governor holds his ground as protests enter day six

MADISON, Wis.  — Gov. Scott Walker predicted Sunday that Wisconsin would lead states across the country in weakening unions that have negotiated compensation packages taxpayers can no longer afford while his opponents rallied for a sixth day in the Capitol in an attempt to avoid that fate.


Robots take over Ball Gym

Four robots were rolled out onto the floor of Ball Gymnasium, and after the first buzzer sounded, they sprang to life.


Future of biotechnology discussed at lecture

The Miller College of Business brought G. Steven Burrill to talk to Ball State students Friday about how biotechnology could change the future of America's healthcare system.


Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus

AUSTIN, Texas  — Texas is preparing to give college students and professors the right to carry guns on campus, adding momentum to a national campaign to open this part of society to firearms.


Ind. activists oppose nuclear incentive bill

INDIANAPOLIS — A bill that would offer Indiana's utilities incentives to build the state's first nuclear power plants is advancing in the Statehouse despite strong opposition from environmentalists, renewable energy boosters and industries that consume large amounts of electricity.


University Senate discusses course evaluations

A report to the University Senate showed students are more willing to fill out online surveys, or online course evaluations, if they have an incentive — extra credit, prizes or some sort of lottery winning.

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