Rory Jackson

REST IN PIXELS: The Roast of Donald Trump

Welcome to 2017 everyone, where "affordable" means the suffering of millions and "wiretapping" means "broadly, surveillance and other activities." Thank you Sean Spicer for your words of enlightenment. The next time I see someone cheating in a class I'll tell them to stop "wiretapping."

Elizabeth Flynn, a senior at Ball State, is a preschool teacher at Ross Community Center. Flynn serves as the lead, and only, teacher there. Elizabeth Flynn // Photo Provided

Ball State senior opens preschool, serves as lead teacher

Nine beaming children with rosy cheeks file in through the door; the tenth child, too tired from her time spent on the playground, rests in the arms of the vivacious group’s teacher. As the children rush to the water fountain, their teacher gingerly lifts up each to the too-tall fountain, making sure every student has the chance to get a drink.

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