Graduate Student Infielder Justin Conant throws the ball to first in a practice Feb. 8 at First Merchant Ballpark. Brayden Goins, DN

In 2023, Ball State Baseball looks to make NCAA Regionals for the first time since 2006

Despite numerous accomplishments heading into his 18th season as head coach of Ball State Baseball, reigning Mid-American Conference (MAC) Coach of the Year Rich Maloney has never made an NCAA Regionals appearance at Ball State. The last time the Cardinals achieved that mark was in 2006 when Maloney was manning the Wolverines at the University of Michigan in the same tournament. 


Ball State hosts meet and greet to kick off the 2023 season

Pasta, white uniforms, MLB Players and autographs helped kick off the 2023 Ball State Baseball season. Youth baseball players, Ball State Alumni and Muncie locals showed up with Ball State Baseball in attendance as head coach Rich Maloney and current Washington National Alex Call spoke about the upcoming season.

Alex Bracken, DN Design

OPINION: Which city deserves an MLB expansion franchise?

Montreal, Québec, is known for a few things. It is the largest French-speaking city in North America and has many famous festivals, but it also has a rich history of baseball. Imagine this, game seven of the World Series, a sold-out Nashville crowd and a Nashville World Series win. Could you imagine what Broadway Street would be like that night? Charlotte, North Carolina, should undoubtedly be the number one candidate for cities up for an MLB expansion or relocation team in the near future. 

Aaron Judge swinging through an at-bat during a game for the New York Yankees. Judge hit his 62nd home run Oct. 4 to top Roger Maris' single-season total. Arturo Pardavila, photo courtesy

GOINS: The magic number 62

Now that Aaron Judge has hit his 62nd home run, you shouldn’t have to worry about the TV cutting away when college football is on to show you Aaron Judge’s at-bats. Who knows if we will ever see a player so dominant that his at-bats interfered with a college football game again? Will ever see 62 home runs hit again? Or Barry Bond’s total of 73 broken? These are questions baseball fans wish they had the answers to, but only time knows the answer.

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