The New Face of Downtown

The buildings alongside Walnut Street were wrapped in corrugated aluminum, hiding the historic brick facades. Some had been renovated to the styles of the ‘80s. It was a mishmash of architecture. The street was paved over as a plaza for pedestrians to walk from store to store — except they didn’t.


A common goal

Ball State University has student volunteer opportunities, and many students form communities within each organization.  



Despite the issues women can face in male-dominated fields, the technology field is slowly progressing and becoming more diverse.


My America

The United States has become a world power since its conception, but its citizens’ patriotism can sometimes verge on exceptionalism.


For the love of cars

A community forms around those who don’t see vehicles as just a means of transportation, but rather as a lifelong passion worth the hours spent in the garage.


An education's worth

Students from China studying within the United States can face hardships and obstacles in hopes of obtaining an American degree or spot in the country’s workforce.  


As seen on TV

Portrayals of different occupations throughout media might have an influence on how someone chooses their career.


The influence of class

The United States was founded on the principle that anyone could become successful, but this American Dream has proved more difficult for those from lower classes.

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