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Rain and snow chances

 Weather Forecaster Dimitri Gegas is tracking more rain and even chances of snow over the next few days! 

Rain continues

Weather Forecaster Oliver Moster is calling for more showers on the way, but a warm up next week

Rainy set up

Forecaster Hunter Luzadder is tracking a chance of rain and snow later this week.

Another rainy week ahead

Weather Forecaster Adam Feick is tracking the latest on the next chance for rain this week.

Active week ahead

Weather Forecaster Rachel Wynalda is tracking rain chances spanning over the next week, as well as below average temperatures. 

Midweek rainy weather

Weather Forecaster Olivia Smithers tracks rain through the midweek. 

Unseasonably warm with an active mid-week

Weather Forecaster Hunter Luzadder is tracking unseasonably warm temperatures with a drastic drop in temps, as well an active mid-week with severe weather possible tomorrow.

Photo Provided by the NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

Unsettled weather ahead

Chief Weather Forecaster Maddi Johnson is tracking multiple days of rain chances this week, as well as a mid week warm up before temperatures come crashing down by Thursday! 

Rain showers and high winds

 Weather forecaster Dimitri Gegas is tracking rain showers and high winds over the next few days. 

Severe weather possible tomorrow

Weather Forecaster Oliver Moster is tracking a severe weather threat and rain continuing throughout the week.  

Rain to come

Weather Forecaster Adam Feick has the latest on the change from warm and sunny to cool and rainy.

Heavy rainfall on the way

Weather Forecaster Kerstin Cox tracks heavy rain that will be affecting us most of this week.