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Muncie firefighters under investigation

 In a statement, city officials say some Muncie firefighters are under scrutiny over personal conduct that “occurred without the knowledge or permission of the Muncie Fire Department or the city of Muncie.” 

Warm and stormy weekend

Weather Forecaster Ian Kowalski breaks down the high chance of storms this weekend and early next week, as well as warm temperatures. 

National Stress Awareness Month

Arichavala explains, “[Sunday] was the first really good day and ever since then, people have just been outside in their hammocks… and it’s just a really good thing to see.”  

Muncie Schools combat state-wide teacher shortage

“I think students who are in college look at teacher compensation, and I think it’s important that legislators remain steadfast in making sure that teachers are compensated well,” Ben Williams, Principal of Northside Middle School, said. 

Computer Science Showcase

“When I go to evaluate this project, it is kind of like Christmas. Unless the students had a problem and came to me ahead of time, I don’t know what pictures they have chosen. I know what the requirements of the project are, but they are broad and it depends on the picture they use,” Largent said. 

Spring Like Temperatures

Weather Forecaster Hunter Luzadder is tracking spring like conditions and sunny days ahead. 

Geese make their return

 “I think they’re very violent and they should be banned off campus,” sophomore Jerry Padgett said. “I got chased down the other day.” 

Searching for a new home

 “We have fifty members apart of our club and we have a lot of fun,” Walsh said. “They are working hard to make a difference in our youth, and they are enjoying it. He is an extraordinary male dog that loves to play, run, and be loved on.”