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Warm temperatures and rain persist throughout the week

Tonight - It will be a warm evening with our low of 56 F. With only partly cloudy skies and SE winds of 6 mph, it will be a very pleasant evening in Muncie.

Tomorrow - It will be mostly cloudy all day tomorrow, with a high of 70 F. At 5 pm, rain showers will begin around Muncie. Thunderstorms are expected to arrive in Delaware County, but there storms may end up south of Muncie and remain towards Cowan. Stay tuned to local meteorologists to see where the storms are expected to arrive.

7-Day Forecast - This week will be full of showers and warm temperatures. Tomorrow's high of 70 F will be followed by temperatures in the low 60s for the rest of the work week. Tuesday through Friday should see showers throughout, with the greatest amount of rainfall expected on Thursday alongside a 90% chance of showers. Friday we will cool down to a high of 54 F as well, but will quickly return to a high of 65 F on Saturday and 73 on Sunday.

-- Weather Forecaster Ian Kowalski

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