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Wapahani baseball prepares for new season under new leadership

SELMA, Ind — It’s officially springtime in Delaware County, and for Wapahani High School, that means one thing—baseball. For senior Landon Weller, it means something else: trophies. 

"Honestly, my goals are to win as much hardware as we can. We have the Wapahani invite, the conference tournament, county tournament and then the state tournament. I want to win as many of those as possible," Weller said. 

Wapahani finished 19-9-1 last year and won a county championship. Head coach Heath Dudley says the reason for that is his willingness to put in the same amount of effort as all his players. 

"You know, the other thing for me is showing up every day and going through the process with them and show them that I'm working just as hard—maybe not as physically as they are, but working just as hard and putting in as much effort and time to make this a great experience for them," Dudley said. 

The effort doesn't end with Coach Dudley; Weller wants the rest of his teammates to come together under the first-year coach. 

"Just come together as one, I mean this is a really young team, so I think that the more we play together and come together that's just going to improve everyone as a whole," said Weller. 

The players have done just that in their efforts to help the Selma community recover from the tornado that rocked the town mere weeks ago. 

"Just about everyone on the team had some form of connection to someone that went through something—former family members, home, that sort of thing. Really, it's a tight-knit community, to begin with, so I don't have to use much of that as motivation. We just know that it's the right thing to do," Dudley said. 

The Raiders tee off their season on Monday, April 1, at Greenfield-Central.  

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