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One Ball State Day around campus

MUNCIE, Ind. — Wednesday, April 3, was declared “One Ball State Day,” and various activities and fundraising opportunities are available for alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Ball State to show their Cardinal pride! Emens Auditorium was held as headquarters for the day, and Brittney Grim, Senior Director of Campus and Regional Engagement, gave an inside look at the special day.

“At headquarters here at Emens, we have multiple grab-and-go activities,” said Grim.

Donations don’t have to be directed to one place. Different colleges and organizations around campus have unique ways of getting donations. From fun competitions to merchandise sales, there’s something for everyone.

Grim explained, “The minimum gift today is only five dollars. You can give to any place you want to, whether that’s a student organization with a fund with us or your college. There are so many areas that benefit from donor support.”

Even though the weather presented some rough conditions, the weather whiplash didn’t stop the special day from happening. Instead of most activities happening outside, the decision was made to keep them inside, preventing the weather from causing any issues.

“Mother nature does what mother nature likes to do, so we are going to be moving inside and outside all day depending on what she wants to do,” commented Grim.

For more information about “One Ball State Day” and how to make an impact, visit the website at oneballstate.bsu.edu.

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