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New Kardashian class offered to students

MUNCIE, Ind. — Ball State University is set to launch a new course that dives into the world of media influence through the lens of the Kardashian empire. The Kardashian media design class, led by instructor Leo Caldwell, aims to study the secrets behind the family's media success and explore the difference in visual storytelling in today's digital age.

Caldwell explained, “We live in a world now where news is disseminated, whether it’s through huge influencers or micro-influencers.”

He noted that the class is focused on analyzing the strategies employed by influencers like the Kardashians to create compelling visual narratives that attract audiences.

Caldwell highlighted the course's appeal, saying, “It’s a media design and development class, but any major can take it.” 

This inclusivity opens the door for students across various degrees to explore the impact of visual storytelling and personal branding.

The course promises to benefit not only media design students but also anyone interested in understanding the evolving landscape of media and building a strong personal brand. It offers a unique opportunity to dissect the techniques influential figures like the Kardashians use and apply them to media contexts.

For students interested in media, branding and influence, Caldwell's Kardashian media design class provides a platform to gain important insights and skills relevant to today's social media-driven world.

Interested students are encouraged to explore the course catalog for further details and enrollment information.

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