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Helping a local hero

MUNCIE, Ind. — Today marks two weeks since the tornadoes from East Central Indiana touched down in Selma and Winchester.

Taryn Moore is one of many residents that was affected. 

“When I think about tornadoes we’ve had in the past, or warnings, I think there may be broken windows, or roofs that need repaired, but you don’t think about how severe it could be,” said Moore.

The tornado carved a path of destruction through Winchester, Indiana, and went right over Moore's home with her husband and infant daughter, turning their world inside out in just 30 seconds. 

“It really does sound like a train is coming through your house, I mean, you can hear the wood, the glass, everything, just kind of breaking,” Moore said. 

The Moore’s house was deemed a total constructive loss, meaning that nothing is salvageable to repair and will eventually be demolished. 

Moore is a dedicated 5th-grade teacher at Monroe Central Elementary School. She returned to school just five days after the disaster, with her home in shambles. 

“Everyone has been super supportive at school—my kids wrote me letters. One kid wrote me a letter that said, ‘I heard you lost your house, I hope you find it,’” Moore said with a laugh. 

Through the chaos, Charlene West, a parent of children who attend Monroe Central Elementary School, wanted to do all she could to help Moore and another teacher who had lost everything. 

“When we saw the damage, and we heard that two teachers from Monroe Central were affected, we wanted to do everything we could to help them,” West said. 

Charlene's nonprofit called Start With Art, which is local to Winchester, is organizing the fund. They hope to raise at least $5,000 for each teacher. 

Charlene isn't the only one helping the disaster victims; Taryn said everyone in the community has been lending a helping hand. 

“You look at the positive that has come out of this, and it’s definitely a very moving, humbling experience,” Moore said. 

Donations can be made for the two teachers on Start With Arts’s website, linked here

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