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Garden Couture Fashion Show

MUNCIE, Ind. — We have all heard of today's fashion icons. But what if I told you we had the fashion designers of tomorrow right here on Ball State’s campus? The Fashion Industry Studies Club is a collaborative space for Ball State designers, models and stylists. Fashion shows have been held annually on campus, but Garden of Couture is the first for the FISC. 

“We chose Garden Couture as the theme because it's spring and there were a lot of upcycled and recycled pieces,” said FISC President Scotlynn Perdue. 

Not only were the pieces created and worn by students, but the fashion show itself was a collaborative effort. Regardless of their major or experience level, designers and models could express their creativity. 

“I think the process was interesting because I just started being a fashion major, and I didn't really know how to sew before this, so it was really cool,” explained designer and model Jasmin Vosse. 

Although the main point of the event was to design and wear handmade styles, the goal was to spread confidence, positivity and creativity. 

“We have been planning this event since January, so it's been a long time coming, and we are super excited for everyone to see,” expressed Perdue. 

FISC not only holds fashion shows but also sells handmade and upcycled pieces. Although this is its first full-fledged fashion show, it hopes to host more in the future. To stay updated with fashion shows and other events, follow the Fashion Industry Club on Instagram at @fisc_bsu.

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