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Dogs enjoy the eclipse

MUNCIE, Ind. — Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary Hosted an eclipse event this afternoon. But it is not just for people.

People were not the only excited ones. How about a man’s best friend? Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary hosted an eclipse event meant for all the dogs in the community. Carolyn Pope explained a little more about the event. 

“Yeah, today we’re here for Grateful Rescue. We’re doing an eclipse event. We’ve invited the community out and bring their dogs, and we have about 12 dog stations where dogs can do things and participate with their owner,” said Pope.

Pups came in all sizes and even had different stories. For instance, Hudson, a year-old Yorkie, is a therapy dog that helps the community in various ways. Pope, the owner, explained what Hudson does to help the community.

“He does things right now, like go to nursing homes, which is our favorite thing to do. He brings so many smiles, and they love it because he gets up on the bed with them and he loves on them. He is also involved in a school program so kids can read to him because sometimes kids aren’t real sure about reading out loud to people,” Pope said.

Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary saved a dog named Oakley. Audrey Overbay, the owner, explained more about Oakley.

Overbay said, “Pam rescued her from Amish people, and we adopted them.”

Finally, Jasper, another therapy dog, helps out in the community. Pamela Terhune, the founder and president of Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary, talks about her dog and his work.

“He came to us about seven years ago from a hoarding situation, and he helped start our rescue. He’s one of our therapy dogs. He goes to nursing homes and Hospice patients,” explained Terhune.

Even with all these different stories, they all came together to enjoy this phenomenon.

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