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Brotherhood under the floodlights

MUNCIE, Ind. — For college students, intramural sports can be enjoyable with friends. However, according to Competitive Lead Blake Saylor, the Greek leagues for fraternities can create a different atmosphere.

“The fraternities talk about it outside of the night that they play,” Saylor said. “They talk about who won this or who won that. They just know a lot of the history.”

Phi Delta Theta junior Gunnar Miller said this well-kept history of who beat whom only adds to the level of competition.

“You just don’t want to be a pushover,” said Miller when discussing the league’s competitiveness. “It is fun, and you like to see them have fun, but at the same time, it’s competitive, and you want to make them sweat a bit.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon Vice President Carter Dishman claimed that the benefits of this league extend beyond the field.

“We have a bigger frat on campus, so it’s a lot of guys,” Dishman said. “It’s a lot of guys, so coming out here together with a lot of guys I don’t see a lot, having some fun, and playing some football has helped to strengthen me a lot.”

The venue for the games is none other than under the floodlights of Schuemann Stadium, further adding to the atmosphere.

“Oh yeah, it’s awesome!” said Dishman excitedly while taking in his surroundings from the endzone. “It’s every kid’s dream to play under the lights at a nice stadium.”

But no matter how competitive this game gets, the goal is still for the students to enjoy themselves.

“This is where students can come to enjoy themselves either watching or playing sports,” said Saylor.

Whether they’re diehard fans, former players, or somewhere in between, these fraternities are undoubtedly growing alongside each other.

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