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Ball State’s Unified Media Lab is home to multiple student media organizations

MUNCIE, Ind. — Walking around the Art and Journalism building, you might stumble upon a room of students working on their computers, collaborating with other students or filming something on camera.

Ball State’s Unified Media Lab, or UML, is home to multiple student media organizations, including the Daily News, Ball Bearings, Byte and NewsLink Indiana. 

The Daily News is one of the oldest college papers in the country. It celebrated its 100th anniversary just a few years ago. The Daily News doesn’t just cover the news; it also has sections on opinion, lifestyle, and sports.

Daniel Kehn, The Daily News Editor in Chief, explained how easy it is to become a part of The Daily News.

“[The] easiest thing to do is walk right through the doors of the Unified Media Lab,” said Kehn. “The Daily News is very open, very exciting, very fun. It’s really easy to get involved; all you need to do is walk in and say, ‘Hey, I want to get involved.’”

Right across from the Daily News pod, you’ll find the Byte pod. Byte is an online pop culture magazine that covers multimedia content, whether in print or video. 

“We’re usually in the UML in our pod. We’re also on @bytebsu on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all that jazz. You can find us on our social media links or in the UML,” Rosie Mitchell, Byte's Editor in Chief, said. 

Right when you walk into the UML doors, you’ll be introduced to the Ball Bearings pod. Ball Bearings is a student-run magazine that releases editions each semester with a unique theme. This year, their theme is “Shock.” They also publish online articles.

“Essentially, you can start as early as freshman year as a writer or a designer, we also have photographers on hand as well. We really do cater towards whatever you want to do,” said Daniela Morales, Editor in Chief of Ball Bearings.

For more information on how to get involved, visit the Unified Media Lab. 

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