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Ball State's School of Art hosts print sale

MUNCIE, Ind. — A colorful celebration of creativity and talent unfolds at the School of Art Print Sale. The sale featured diverse prints, stickers and other artistic creations created by the university's talented art students. 

The event is not just about buying and selling art but also about the great impact it has on the students themselves.

Event coordinator Kaelin Zirkle expresses the deeper significance of the sale.

 "It's a really great opportunity to kind of show what marketing is like, to market yourself, and just kind of like get the experience of selling your art cause a lot of these students want to go into a career that they are selling art full time," said Zirkle.

For sophomore Damien Bullock and many other aspiring artists, this event marks a huge milestone in their artistic journey.

Damien shared, "When you can show your artwork with your peers and be able to get paid, you can tell people actually like and enjoy your artwork. It gives students motivation to keep doing it."

Freshman Anthony Reyes agrees with this statement, emphasizing the event's role in empowering young artists and creating a supportive artistic community.

Anthony stated, "Just this in itself is also very helpful for the real world—it gives us ideas of what we can do to support ourselves as artists."

Attendees can look forward to various artworks, from traditional paintings to digital prints, each reflecting the students' passion and dedication. 

The School of Art Print Sale is not just an event—it's a celebration of artistic expression, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of Ball State's creative community.

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