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Solar filter workshop

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink Indiana) — Are you planning on watching the solar eclipse? If so, we want you to be prepared.

The solar filter workshop was a public event held at the Brown Planetarium. It offered the opportunity to learn and experience specially designed solar filters firsthand.

Planetarian Assistant Caleb Whitcomb explained the preparation for the eclipse, ensuring the public was aware of the event.

Whitcomb stated, “So a lot of it is saying what we want to do, what events we want to plan, then getting everything set up, the materials needed, and making sure the public is aware of this happening.”

Solar filters are crucial for viewing the sun during an eclipse, and this workshop not only educated participants on the eclipse but also provided hands-on experience in creating and using solar filters for various devices.

Whitcomb explained, “The material is approved by the ISO to make sure it is usable as a solar filter; you need the material to actually block out most of the sun's light.”

The workshop, guided by planetarium staff Nicolette Terracciano, emphasized the importance of safety standards set by the ISO. It offered valuable insights into observing the sun safely and allowed guests to make their own filters.

Terracciano stated, “We saw this as a learning opportunity for those who just wanted to be interested in learning more about solar filters and what they are and why you need them to observe the sun and we also saw the opportunity for guests to make their own.”

Ball State now prepares its community with the tools and understanding to safely observe the wonders of the sun. Make sure to prioritize safety when witnessing the solar eclipse, and join us in exploring the insights of our solar system.

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