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Pruis Hall hosts blood drive

MUNCIE, Ind. —  People require blood transfusions daily, so blood donations are vitally important. On March 20, Ball State University, along with the Angels for Life Committee, provided an opportunity for students and community members to give back to Versiti—the blood center. The blood center has several locations across the United States; however, the donations collected went to a specific area. 

The Lead Team Nurse, Joel, was in control of the primary operations for the blood drive that day. His role was a crucial part of where the donations were explicitly going. 

“We supply blood to this area, and we supply blood to the entire state of Indiana. All of the products we are collecting will be going back to the community,” Joel said. 

Donating blood might not be the first idea people consider when deciding how to give back. However, it is crucial to recognize the impact the donation can have on a family member, friend, or even a stranger. 

“Blood is one of the few tissues in our body that we can’t replicate, nor can we supplement. It is very important for us to come out and donate, or at least be willing to donate,” Joel said. 

However, freshman Brooke Flanders always thinks about donating blood. She has already donated two times before Versiti’s drive, making this donation her third. 

“I’m a nursing major, so I feel like since I’m going into the healthcare field, I feel like I should give back to it as much as I can,” Flanders said. 

If you want to learn more about donations, make sure to check out their website at versiti.org.

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