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Protests for Gaza continue

MUNCIE, Ind. — On Monday, March 25, a few students gathered on the corner of McKinley and Riverside to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The recent conflict started in Palestine five months ago, and this will be the second protest held on campus. 

Protest Organizer Tanner Brinegar said, “The entire point of this protest is to spark conversation.” 

Chants like "Free Palestine" and “Let Gaza Live” rang out from the group standing at the Scramble Light. They held signs with various slogans and handed out stickers. 

When asked if there was anything Tanner wanted to call for, she responded, “Absolutely call for a ceasefire. It's truly disgusting to see what is happening right now.” 

Although the group was mostly met with positive reactions, like cheers and car horns in solidarity, they also interacted with those unhappy or angry with the calls for a ceasefire. If one word stuck out during this protest, it would be education. The organizers know that these things can be confusing but can be cleared up by educating and investigating the cause. With this cause, tension has been running high and that can often cause reactions that feel off-putting. 

Tanner said, “It is right to be angry and it's right to be frustrated and that is valid but we need to put it towards something productive.” 

If students are interested in protesting for the cause, the group plans to hold another protest in the coming weeks.

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