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Ball State students protest preparations against SB 202

MUNCIE, Ind.  — Students from multiple organizations met on Tuesday, Feb. 27, to prepare for Wednesday’s on-campus protest.

HOPE Equity Fellow, Skai Mendez said, “Our goal was to be productive and let Ball State know how students and faculty feel about SB 202.”

Members from HOPE, Feminists for Action, and various Greek Life members met on campus to discuss the bill and air their concerns. Students created posters and signs from cardboard, cake board and other art supplies.    

Signs showed slogans and other messages commenting on and regarding the bill. The biggest thing students want to emphasize in conversations with the school and legislature is perspective.

“I think it's important to read the bill through the eyes of the people it will impact the most, regardless of political party,” explained Mendez.

The bill discusses various requirements and restrictions for state institutions regarding their free speech policies. It returned to the Indiana Senate on Wednesday, Feb. 28, and is now being reviewed. 

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