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Ball State Cultural Exchange event

MUNCIE, Ind. — BSU’s Cultural Exchange holds an event featuring graduate exchange student Dora Tarani.

On Feb. 28, Ball State University’s Cultural Exchange event hosted graduate exchange student and guest speaker Dora Tarani from Kosovo to give a presentation about her country and its culture. Tarani highlighted several cultural elements of her country in her presentation, such as food, sights, celebrities, and culture that represent the positive nature of the community. 

“I think a positive element of Kosovo is that we take the time to smell the flowers in many things, and it can go either way; there are different ways to approach everything,” Tarani said. 

Kosovo’s culture is full of expression, primarily through music and art. Art connects people as a whole through times of comfort and hardship. 

“We are a very passionate set of people. We really need to express ourselves in different ways, and art has been the best medium,” Tarani said. 

Tarani’s presentation allowed students, staff, faculty, and the public to learn and engage with the country’s culture. Community member Glenn Swetzler attends the Cultural Exchange events often and always leaves with new information. 

“Well, I enjoy the live material, but I also take notes to be better engaged, which allows me to regurgitate and chew a bit more later,” Glenn Swetzler said. 

Tarani hopes her presentation leaves an impression on the audience to understand the importance of accepting all cultures. 

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