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Ball State welcomes new Cardinals

MUNCIE, Ind. — An annual opportunity for transfer students to interact with the Ball State community, tour their future home and discover the institution’s resources took place over the weekend. 

On Friday, March 22, “Transfer Visit Day” invited transfer students and their guests to this orientation day event. 

Ball State’s Transfer Center Director Christopher Sherck said post-secondary students transfer to institutions due to their circumstances when beginning their academic careers close to home or through a community college. 

“Some start to get some credits to their name before going to that four-year institution. Other times, some students may not find the major they are looking for from the college they come from,” Sherck said. 

The Transfer Center expects most campus visits to occur during the Fall term, the typical period for higher student body enrollment. On average, an estimated one thousand transfer students enroll at Ball State. While the average age of transfer students is 23, many students are 19 and spend their first year elsewhere.  

“Older people may have started school and then stopped for whatever reason,” Sherck said. “They may come back to Ball State to finish their degree or education.”

Sherck said the Transfer Center expects additional information from students who undergo the application process to transfer to the University, which is not required for first-year applicants. Students will have to request their transcripts from their post-secondary institution in addition to their high school transcripts. 

If applicants commit to Ball State when accepted by admissions, transfer and first-year students are each offered the same resources and classes.

“They don’t need to be taught how to do college,” Sherck said. “Their process of knowing what Ball State is will look different. They will have the chance to know how things work here.”

For more information, visit the Transfer Center website here

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