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Ball State students protest SB 202

MUNCIE, Ind.--- “Stop 202, protect your students too” is the message that echoed around Ball State’s scramble light Wednesday afternoon. Senate Bill 202 would change the tenure process in Indiana for public universities. Not only that, but public universities would also have to adopt a philosophy surrounding free speech and intellectual diversity.

It’s a concept that concerns some Ball State protestors who say they’re scared for future cardinals. HOPE fellow member Skai Mendez weighed in.

“If I was just starting my first year at Ball State, this changes the whole trajectory of how the culture is and how it’s run,” said Mendez.

On Tuesday, representatives discussed the bill. Those who opposed it noted that the bill’s language was concerning. However, they weren’t the only ones who felt that way. Protest organizer Camille related to the representatives.

“The language of the bill is incredibly vague and it leaves a lot of room for abuse, misinterpretation, and misapplication by those in power,” said Camille.

Despite a biting wind flowing through campus, more than a dozen protestors showed up to share their worries. Glove-covered hands held signs in exchange for the signatures of passing students… for one petition that will now go to the Indiana General Assembly in hopes of changing lawmakers' minds.

Camille commented on Ball State’s values in relation to the bill saying, “I would like to live up to that goal and value of inclusive excellence and this bill kind of destroys that.”

One HOPE leader says they will have more petitions and protests underway soon.

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