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Annette Campbell a nominee for Juneteenth Muncie Fundraising Jubilee

MUNCIE, Ind. — Statistics show kids in the foster care system come out of the system with negative impacts on their overall well-being. One local Muncie foster parent is changing that. Annette Campbell will be recognized at the Juneteenth Muncie “Fundraising Jubilee” on Feb. 24th, as she is nominated for the 2024 Igniting the Flame Award, highlighting her leadership, positive impact, and lasting change on kids.

Having been a foster parent for over 17 years, Campbell said she has learned that harsh punishments don’t reach a child and that encouraging them makes a difference. Many former foster children still reach out to Campbell for guidance or a quick talk. 

One of her past foster children, in particular, made Campbell realize her impact on kids that come naturally and easily for her. Campbell says that this kid called her at 12:01 a.m., when the kid turned 18, telling Campbell how they thought of something Campbell said to them in the past, which, as a result, made them shift their life onto a more positive path. 

“You just gotta have a certain ability,” Campbell said, referring to how to communicate with kids. 

However, it wasn’t always an easy path for Campbell. She was recommended to take care of pets but became a foster parent because she loves kids and felt it was her calling. 

“We don’t have a book on parenting. I’ve prayed about it and found out this is my calling,” said Campbell. 

Campbell desires to open a home for teenage girls one day to decrease negative statistics such as foster kids ending up homeless or in prison. She wants to show kids there is a better way and is dedicated to changing their minds. At the Juneteenth Muncie “Fundraising Jubilee,” she’ll show the crowd the influence kids have had on her personal life and, in return, her unforgettable influence on them. 

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