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The starting blocks of positivity

MUNCIE, Ind. -- For senior Jenelle Rogers, the track squad at Ball State has always been her support system. That is no different as she enters her final run as a Cardinal.

"What I remember most is probably just my experience with the team. It's the jokes, it's the laughing, it's how they make you feel,” said Rogers. “So, you walk in and you're not having the best day...you see them and it just makes your day a lot brighter."

Despite being a new member to the squad, freshman Sophie Daugard shares the sentiments that Rogers has about the track environment and its positive effects.

"I would just say that we do a lot team stuff,” said Daugard about the team. “There's a lot of different girls, so there's people that you're going to click with."

The positive environment is not only built through the upperclassmen lending a hand, but through the coaches who make sure the athletes know their worth extends beyond the track.

"Just knowing that our team is about us,” Daugard said. “Our coaches make it really apparent that they are here for us and not just our performances."

And sometimes the support goes both ways with the freshman helping the seniors.

"Making sure I'm talking with them,” said Rogers with a smile on her face. “And I don't just do that for them, they do it for me as well. So, I've learned a lot from them also."

The Cardinals look to fly high with their positivity across the finish line of the indoor season in a three weeks’ time.