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SGA hosts discussion with President Geoffrey Mearns

MUNCIE, Ind. -- Ball State University’s Student Government Association hosted a town hall with President Geoffrey Mearns that allowed students to ask him specific questions regarding campus issues. A notable highlight from the town hall was campus safety. 

“Student safety and faculty, staff and guests safety is a paramount priority for us. Ro-Anne will recall very quickly and we asked her to form a safety task force," Mearns said.

Further on, he went to explain the impact of the committee and how quickly they were able to take action on campus safety issues. 

After hearing the student body questions, the audience was allowed to ask their questions and voice their opinions about what should change on campus. One student addressed their concern about safety alerts.

“A lot of people complain that they are not getting enough information about safety alerts. Would you be willing to go back to an opt-in system for texts?” one student said.

Furthermore, students also asked about accommodations for those with disabilities, access to parking and more.

“I speak from the bottom of my heart. With all the love in the world for people who are on campus that are disabled or need a walking aid, can’t get around campus during all hours is just not fair," one student said.

Students are invited to email any additional questions about campus to SGA.

Contact Amelia Winter with comments at amelia.winter@bsu.edu.