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Rain, wind, and snow: oh my!

Tonight: Temperatures will start to fall into the low 30s before settling right above the freezing line. Winds will be out of the east for now at 5 to 15 mph and at times gusting up to 20mph.

Tomorrow: A line of showers will move through the viewing area from 8 to 11. The rain will be moderate to heavy at times. Temperatures will hang out in the mid 40s for the first half of the day before hitting our high of 48. Winds will pick up and change direction coming from the north west at 20 miles an hour. Expect a breezy day ahead with some isolated gusts blowing at 30 mph at times.

7-Day: Friday a winter system is eyeing up Muncie and has the potential to bring us some snow as well. Now its looking like it will not hang around for long as temperatures jump back into the 40s by Sunday. We are looking at a sunny but cold weekend ahead with Saturday staying in the low 20s. For the week ahead we have the return of the 50s with slight chances of rain Monday and Tuesday.

-Weather Forecaster Jack Van Meter

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