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Pokémon day celebration

MUNCIE, Ind.---It’s National Pokemon Day!

Debuting in 1996 with the video games titled “Pokemon Green” and "Pokemon Red,” today marks the 27th anniversary of the global phenomenon.

After the success of the video games, Pokemon exhausted all possible ways to spread its name—a cartoon television series, merchandise and, most famously, trading cards.

One local business has decided to share their love for the franchise. Next Level Games, on McGalliard Road, is a family-owned business that shares its’ love for various card games, such as Magic the Gathering and Yu-Ghi-Oh!

Tuesday, their focus is on the infamous monster battle series Pokemon. They held a day-long event from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m..

One aspect of the event was a raffle for Pokemon memorabilia, which included rare items such as the previously mentioned trading cards. Some cards historically have been valued at over a million dollars.

At 4 p.m., training began for players of all ages—allowing anyone new to Pokemon to learn the ins and outs of the game. Keanu Pyle, an employee of Next Level Games, took joy in his opportunity to experience the event.

“Yeah, I love being here. It teaches people how to play the game. It's just a great time,” Pyle said.

After lessons were held, at 6 p.m. next reigned the Pokemon card game tournament for the more experienced players. One variety of the game includes the “Gym Leader Challenge,” in which players may choose one Pokemon type and must use the chosen type exclusively throughout the match.

After a long day of gaming, patrons of the business were left satisfied with their celebration of one of their favorite franchises of all time.

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