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New club sport is spiking excitement

MUNCIE, Ind. -- A new club at Ball State is bringing excitement to students on campus, and it only requires a net and a ball. Spikeball club is welcoming any student who just wants to simply give it a spike. 

President Ryan Haggenjos spoke on how the group came about.    

“I had just a bunch of friends that used to play spikeball and still play spikeball, but we never really had a club at Ball State. We never had a specific place that we always went to, and I knew that there were a bunch of people that played as well. Whenever I heard there wasn’t a spikeball club, that just encouraged me to create one,” Haggenjos said.  

For club member Javier Barrera, getting in on the fun was simple.  

“I recently started getting into spikeball, and that’s why I was interested. As soon as I came here, everyone was pretty welcoming, so I made friends kind of easily,” Barrera said.  

Building a culture is key for any group. Barrera feels the culture of spikeball club is strong on all skill levels.  

“There are guys that are experienced, so you can be competitive. There’s guys coming in new every week and trying to learn the sport, so there’s different levels to it. It’s kind of nice. It’s a good balance,” Barrera said.  

The club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the indoor track in the Rec.  

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