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Muncie business recovers after car crashes into side of building

MUNCIE, Ind.--- “It was bad,” said Ernesto Polito, the owner of Midnight Cafe and Grill. "Once that happened I thought it was over for me.”

Right after their grand opening, a car crashed into the side of the building, based on a Facebook post by Midnight Cafe and Grill. 

According to a police report by Muncie Police Department, the crash happened at 3:03 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 20. 

“I’m really glad that no one got hurt during that time. No one was sitting down there,” Polito said. 

No one was injured in the restaurant due to the crash, but it did leave some structural damage to the building.

“The structure of the building is a little different,” Polito said. “I just felt like it was going to be good to have something different in this area.”

Even though it was a setback, the restaurant reopened its doors a few days later.

“It definitely was a setback, but I definitely think this proves how strong Muncie really is, you know, they come and support us,” said Isabel De Anda, a server at Midnight Cafe and Grill.

Even though the outside of the building may be damaged, the inside of the restaurant is home to warm smiles and ethnic food. 

“I will say it’s a multicultural type place. It has Hispanic food and American food. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere,” said De Anda. “Before I started working here, I would come in and eat food all the time and I was greeted by such nice people, perfect customer service, everything.”

To get more updates on the restaurant’s grand reopening, visit Midnight Cafe and Grill’s Facebook page

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