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Muncie Burris Owls seek sectional streak

MUNCIE, Ind. --- The Muncie Burris Boys Basketball squad prep for the first round of sectionals. First-year head coach, Blair Broussard spoke on what goals he has in mind regarding his players.

“I just want to make sure these kids are having the time of their life,” said Broussard.

The players know how much this game means. Senior Asher Donahue touches on the squad’s desire to keep the season alive and the importance a win can have.

Donahue said, “Everyone wants to keep going, keep playing together.”

This has been thanks to the type of culture Coach Broussard set out to implement from the very start. With the emphasis on the team culture, players will continue to buy in to reach the success they strive to achieve.

“Trying to build the best model young adults that we can through the umbrella of basketball,” Broussard noted.

The Owls will fight for the season when they take on the Wes-Del Warriors in Alexandria. Tip-off is set for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26.

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