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Cool week brings showers later on

Tonight: Despite the previously record-setting warm of the previous weeks, it will be cold again this week. Tonight our low will be 28 F with noticeable winds of 10 mph form the NE.

Tomorrow: It will look similar to today with a height of 42 F and 10 mph winds. Expect clear skies for the next couple days before Thursday.

7-Day Forecast: The start of the week will see us experiencing clear skies with temperatures in the 40s. On Thursday, the high will be 47 F with a 60% chance of rain. Friday will see a 20% chance of snow, which we will be keeping an eye on as the week goes on. Saturday will be a cool 31 F, but we will warm back up towards Monday with a high of 47 F. Expect temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s during the evening throughout the week.

--Weather Forecaster Ian Kowalski

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