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BSU hosts major selection student success workshop

MUNCIE, Ind.-- A major selection workshop was held in the Multicultural Center to help students find their path in college.

Student Success Coach Liana Mann shared discovery techniques, academic advice and resources to aid students’ major exploration. According to Mann, college is about trial and error.

“Knowing that it is okay to say, ‘I don’t know what I want to do but I’m going to figure it out’ and willing to take the resources that we offer and maybe like figure out what you enjoy and don’t enjoy...knowing that you’ve learned something that you don’t enjoy is still learning,” Mann said.

In addition to having an open mind, Mann says that curiosity is the best trait to have when searching for majors.

“Instead of saying, ‘No, I would never do this,’ why? Why would I never want to do this?” Mann said.

During the workshop, students completed three of the five surveys on Focus 2, answering questions about their interests and receiving feedback on what career or major best fits them.

“It can easily start by scrolling down the website and just looking at different majors that sound interesting,” Mann said.

For more information on deciding on a major, contact successcoach@bsu.edu.

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