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Temperature changes on the way

Today: Sunny skies with highs in the mid-60s for your election day! Winds will remain calm throughout the day as you head to the polls.

Tonight: Clouds will form overnight and lead to a slight chance of a scattered shower. Lows will be in the high-40s and winds will pick up slightly throughout the night.

Tomorrow: Cloudy skies in the morning will clear up throughout the day leading to partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. Temperatures will reach the mid-70s. Winds will be high throughout the day with some gusts reaching 20 mph. Temperatures will cool down overnight as rain will make its way through the area.

7-Day Forecast: Temperatures will decrease significantly on Thursday but then remain steady throughout the week in the mid-50s. Sunny skies will also be prominent throughout the week with patches of clouds interrupting at different points. Temperatures will be chilly during nighttime with the possibility of dropping below freezing. Enjoy the warm weather while it's here because fall temperatures will be back in no time!

--Weather Forecaster Joseph Sawicki

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