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Rising temperatures and rising wind gusts

Tonight:  Temperatures will once again be falling into the 20s as our low will be 28 degrees. This time there is no precipitation forecasts as clouds will be moving in and out as the night plays through with light winds out of the south south west at 5 to 10 miles an hour.

Tomorrow: The day will start off cold with a temperatures of only 30 at 8 am. Sunshine will be predominant for the first half of the day as clouds start to move in come mid afternoon. Wind speeds will also pick up as the day continues as gusts will hit 25 miles an hour. the high tomorrow will be a warmer 51 degrees but will feel cooler due to Wind chill factor.

7-Day: Temperatures will continue to rise into the weekend with gusty conditions. Saturday and Sunday will be both in the 60s as cloud cover will persist. Sunday is our first day which we see a chance of rain as we have chances though the middle of the week. Temperatures will continue to slide back down into the middle to lower 50s by mid week.

-Weather Forecaster Jack Van Meter

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