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October-like weather but not for long

Tonight: Clear and dry air cools down quickly, but we have a flip in the wind direction that might be helpful in keeping things not as cold! southwest winds will increase starting tonight, taking air from a warmer area, allowing for a few degrees of warming! Some areas especially to the north of Muncie may see some frost, so make the extra time to scrape those windows when nighttime turns to morning & you hit the road!

Tomorrow: As quickly as this dry air cools down, the clear air and southwest winds will allow for 5 degrees more warming, bringing us to a balmy 67 for this time of year! Take note that there might be some areas of very patchy and thin fog over the fields in rural areas, but that should be quick to burn off early on.

7-day Forecast: Getting active with it with two frontal systems to keep an eye on. First, scattered showers arrive Thursday night through Friday & most people should see some light to moderate rain. After we go a bit below average (in true Indiana fashion), we have another system that bears watching as it looks more dynamic Tuesday. We are still monitoring the timing of this system for impacts, so stay tuned!

-- Weather Forecaster Ryan Hill

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