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League of Women’s Voters hosts Inflation Reduction Act presentation with John Smillie

MUNCIE, Ind.--- An Inflation Reduction Act presentation was held at Kennedy Library on Oct. 28.

This act was signed into law by President Joe Biden last August, focused on climate change. This event was held by League of Women’s Voters of Muncie-Delaware County, an organization that encourages informed active participation in government.

Climate change advocate and chair of the action team for the league, John Smillie, began his journey in Crawfordsville, collaborating with nonprofit organizations. He then began to install solar panels on their roofs.

Smillie said, “I got in touch with the Montgomery County Service Bureau and said, ‘If I put up the money, would you be willing to put solar panels on your roof?’” 

Montgomery County Service Bureau was happy with this idea according to Smillie, “And they said, ‘That sounds like a great deal with us.’”

Splitting his presentation into two segments, solar power benefits and Inflation Reduction Act details, he explained the expected changes in our environment.

“We’re going to have a lot more manufacturing capacity to build this new technology. We’re also going to see a lot more of it being deployed to places like California, Texas and here in Indiana," Smillie said.

According to Smillie, improvements in the environment can start as soon as possible. 

“You can talk to your local officials because right now a lot of the struggles in Indiana are local, county by county," Smillie said. 

For more information on how you can help, visit lwvmunciedelaware.org.

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