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Rainy with incoming cold front

Today: Mild temperatures with steady rain moving into the evening, a cold front will bring cooler/fall-like temperatures into the region.

Tonight: Cool temperatures reaching down into the 50's with a few potential lingering showers, mostly cloudy with expected clearing later on into the morning.

Tomorrow: Mostly clear skies with temperatures starting out in the upper 50's during the morning. Those numbers will increase into the mid 60's later on around noon and into the afternoon/evening.

7-Day Forecast: A cold front will bring the first real fall like temperatures of the season, however, after Thursday it should stay dry with lingering clouds. Weekend lows will reach all the way down into the upper 30's with this cold front, and highs during the day will stay within the upper 50's and low 60's. With fall like weather finally making it's way into the region, temperatures will finally offer a break from the unseasonably warm weather.

- Weather Forecaster Nate Marshall

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