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Rain to Move Through Central Indiana Bringing Fall Temperatures

Tonight: Temperatures will decrease to a low of 50 with clear skies above. It will be a little chilly, so if you're going out in the early morning, bring a light jacket.

Tomorrow: Temperatures will warm up as we move further into Friday with a high of 73. It will be windy with gusts up to 20 mph. Precipitation is on the radar for Friday with a 70% chance as we move into the evening hours. It will be a beautiful morning with mostly sunny skies. Clouds will move into the area in the late afternoon hours which is when we will see a good chance for precipitation.

7-Day Forecast: It will be a warm end to our week, but a wet and windy weekend. Temperatures will cool down over the weekend and will stay pretty consistent throughout next week. It will finally feel like fall. As for Friday and Saturday, precipitation chances are high. Friday evening and into Saturday will be the greatest chance of receiving precipitation. Sunday will follow with cold temperatures are high wind gusts. You might want to start breaking out your fall attire because it will get a little chilly this weekend and into next week!

--Weather Forecaster Izzy Collins

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