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Our Call to Beneficence: BSU campaign looks to raise $350 million

Courtesy: Ball State University
Courtesy: Ball State University

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink Indiana) — On October 20, Ball State publicly announced one of the largest capital campaigns in the university’s history. The goal of the capital campaign is to raise $350 million.

The counting period of the campaign began in 2018 but has now been officially launched. Upon entering its public phase, the campaign has already raised over $225 million.

Titled Our Call to Beneficence, the campaign will conclude in 2027. Chief Advancement Officer Mark Helmus explained that principal gifts are responsible for the bulk of the already-raised funds.

“And [I] work with what we call principal gifts, which are our donors who make commitments of $500,000 or more,” Helmus said. “Most capital campaigns have a time where they’re considered to be in the silent phase, and that’s where you’re working more with those types of donors that I mentioned earlier.”

The money fundraised would go toward things like student scholarships, facility enhancements, technology upkeep and more. The Beneficence campaign focuses on three pillars to support the university’s mission: student opportunity and success, the academic experience, and campus and community impact.

The campaign is named after campus landmark Beneficence, a tangible symbol of the university’s values. Benny has been an institutional icon since 1937 and continues to be a spirit that the university fosters among faculty and students.

To conclude the campaign launch, Ball State president Geoffrey Mearns urged viewers to put forth their support and enthusiasm.

“Please reflect on how those contributions can have an impact for many generations to come," president Mearns said. "Please answer our call to beneficence. Thank you very much.”

Commitments to the capital campaign can be made in a wide array of forms, including outright gifts, multi-year pledges, endowments, etc. Donation options consist of online payments, monthly installments, charitable trusts, and more.

To learn more about making a contribution, click here.

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