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Life coach speaks to students about motivation

MUNCIE, Ind.--- At the Teachers College, life coach Seth Harshmen spoke about motivation to students. Harshmen is from the Student Success Coaching Office.   

Harshmen spoke not only about motivation, but he also spoke about the difference of proactive and reactive thinking. He also did various activities on how to decrease stress and accomplish your list for the week.   

"Keep ahead and finding ways to fight procrastination,” Harshmen said. 

Two seniors also gave tips on how they stay motivated.

“One of the ways I stay motivated is to reward myself,” said Dahlia Aliwa.

"Be in touch with your emotions," Paola Fernandez-Jimenez said. 

There will be other events to help with your emotions this semester. If you want more information, please contact successcoach@bsu.eduor visit the the office in the North Quad Building.  

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