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July weather to give way to November-like conditions Thursday into the weekend

Tonight: More perfect sleeping weather compared with the conditions last night & this morning! A little more in the way of breeziness could kick in through the morning hours to knock down the fog we have been having. Otherwise, upper 50s in the outlying rural areas with lower 60s. Sleeping and stargazing perfect!

Tomorrow: One more day of July-like temperatures as clear skies and southerly winds bring us into the lower to mid 80s. Great day (albeit warm) for walks, hitting the hammock and barbecuing! High clouds will be our hint for a change in the weather moving into tomorrow however...

7-day Forecast: Watch especially Thursday evening for breezy showers and a chance at some thunderstorms with a strong cold front. A secondary impulse of energy behind our system renews our chances at showers through Saturday, but a bigger headline would be the mid-50s we look to experience!

-NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster Ryan Hill

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