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Early election started Wednesday, around 73,000 registered voters in Delaware County

MUNCIE, Ind. -- Election season is in full swing as voters can cast their ballots starting Wednesday.

Voters this year will see candidates for positions like mayor, city council and city clerk. 

This year around 73,000 people registered to vote in Delaware County. This is lower than years past, and because of this, the results could be close. 

"This election is one of the most elections we have because it's an election where your vote can make a difference," Rick Spangler, Delaware County Clerk said. "With the lower numbers we will have races decided by three or four votes."

In Muncie, early voters can go to the County Building to vote, then on November 7th, voters will go to their designated site.

To see where the nearest voting location is, you can visit the Delaware County voting website.

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